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Nexus 2148T FEX and IF-MIB


if I snmpwalk Nexus 5000 running System version: 4.1(3)N1(1a) like

snmpwalk -v 2c -c <community> <ipaddr> ifTable

I see all ifIndex, for Channels, 10G Ports und also FEX Ports. Further I see ifDescr, ifType, ifMTU etc. (all statical variables) for all these ifIndex, but I miss ifInOctets, ifInNUcastPkts, ifInDiscards etc. (all dynamical counters) for all the FEX ports (ports an 2148T itself).

Funnily I also miss the FEX interfaces in output of

sh inter snmp-ifindex

Port             IFMIB Ifindex (hex)
Eth1/1          436207616  (0x1a000000)
Eth1/2          436211712  (0x1a001000)
Eth1/3          436215808  (0x1a002000)
Eth1/4          436219904  (0x1a003000)
Eth1/5          436224000  (0x1a004000)
Eth1/6          436228096  (0x1a005000)
Eth1/7          436232192  (0x1a006000)
Eth1/8          436236288  (0x1a007000)
Eth1/9          436240384  (0x1a008000)
Eth1/10         436244480  (0x1a009000)
Eth1/11         436248576  (0x1a00a000)
Eth1/12         436252672  (0x1a00b000)
Eth1/13         436256768  (0x1a00c000)
Eth1/14         436260864  (0x1a00d000)
Eth1/15         436264960  (0x1a00e000)
Eth1/16         436269056  (0x1a00f000)
Eth1/17         436273152  (0x1a010000)
Eth1/18         436277248  (0x1a011000)
Eth1/19         436281344  (0x1a012000)
Eth1/20         436285440  (0x1a013000)
Eth2/1          436731904  (0x1a080000)
Eth2/2          436736000  (0x1a081000)
Eth2/3          436740096  (0x1a082000)
Eth2/4          436744192  (0x1a083000)
Eth2/5          436748288  (0x1a084000)
Eth2/6          436752384  (0x1a085000)
Po1             369098752  (0x16000000)
Po8             369098759  (0x16000007)
Po10            369098761  (0x16000009)
Po11            369098762  (0x1600000a)
Po12            369098763  (0x1600000b)
Po113           369098864  (0x16000070)
Po114           369098865  (0x16000071)
Po115           369098866  (0x16000072)
Po116           369098867  (0x16000073)
Po117           369098868  (0x16000074)
Po118           369098869  (0x16000075)

I lookes in config guides and command references and found no hint about this, but I found in datasheet of 2148T a simple entry under SNMP MIBS: IF-MIB without remark.

Any ideas?



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