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Nexus 5000 out-of-band management

Hi guys,

I need your help to configure the Nexus 5000 out-of-band management correctly.

This is my current configuration for the management port done with the setup command.

vrf context management
  ip route

interface mgmt0
  ip address

Now my problem:

I can ping and access the switch via telnet but

it is not possible to ping the gateway from out of the nexus nor access any other telnet device in the same subnet.

I don't have any clue why.

Maybe one of you guys has.

Thanks for your help!

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Re: Nexus 5000 out-of-band management

When you do a ping from the Nexus, maybe you need to specify the management vrf, something like:

ping vrf management

Also, don't you need to specify the vrf on the management interface, like

interface mgmt0

  vrf forwarding management
  ip address

(or maybe this is done automatically by default on a N5000 ??)

I don't have access to a N5000, so i can't be exact.



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Re: Nexus 5000 out-of-band management

Hi Geert,

first of all thanks for your help.

Using vrf management in conjunction with ping or telnet works.

For the interface mgmt0  I can only configure vrf member management - which makes no difference.

Still no route to host.

In the global config there is also vrf context management available. But using that there was also no difference.

From my point of view I need a command that switches the default vrf to the management vrf.

Because the default vrf is for vlan 1 which means in-band. But if I am only using out-of-band this makes no sense for me.

Any idea how this can be configured?

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Re: Nexus 5000 out-of-band management

No ideas?

I am still searching for a solution to use the vrf management as the default and not the in-band as it is preconfigured.

Please help!

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Re: Nexus 5000 out-of-band management

Push again!


You cannot merge the two vrf

You cannot merge the two vrf's. Instead, you have to decide via which vrf you want to manage the switch.


Management network topology and asymmetric routing

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