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Nexus 5010 - not allowing more than 1 fex interface into a port-channel

Hi - I am trying to create a port-channel that contains 2 fex interfaces to provide SLB to a UNiX server, each time I try to add more that 1 interface into the Channel-group I get the following message:-"port channel cannot have more than 1 members".  I have configured the fex interfaces up as trunk interfaces and have set the lacp to active mode.

interface port-channel62
  switchport mode trunk

interface Ethernet107/1/37
  description NAS DATAMOVER L cge2
  switchport mode trunk
  channel-group 62 mode active

NEXUS-2-5010-B(config-if)# int e107/1/38
NEXUS-2-5010-B(config-if)# channel-group 62 mode act
port channel cannot have more than 1 members

Please note that I am trying to configure multiple interfaces on the FEX not on the 5010...

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Re: Nexus 5010 - not allowing more than 1 fex interface into a p

Hello David,

I have no direct experience with the fabric extender, according to some Cisco presentations a colleague of mine attended you should be able to build a port-channel of up to 2 ports.

And this is a great limit, we already have some servers with 7 GE ports or 14 GE ports (ESX Vmware) and server people asks for 4 GE bundles.

The FEX downloads its image from Nexus, you may need to upgrade Nexus to improve the FEX.

For our new serverfarms our design group is thinking of using old indipendent C4948 in place of fabric extender with NExus.


I've found the following note:

You must enable LACP globally before you can configure an interface                 in either the                  active or                  passive channel mode.


Hope to help


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Re: Nexus 5010 - not allowing more than 1 fex interface into a p

Thanks for the response - i've already configured up the feature lacp command and several other alternative ways, each time I get the same message - I've also upgraded to 5010 to the latest image and done the install all to also push the upgrade to the 2147t FEX.

Just one note to mention that I am trying to setup the GEC to the same 2148t, not 2 different ones, this is not rocket science at the end of the day whats the point in having a top of rack server switch which does not support GEC with more than 1 interface.

Re: Nexus 5010 - not allowing more than 1 fex interface into a p

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