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Nexus 5020 switch

This might be a stupid question but I'm wondering if I have a FC host connected to a FC port on a Nexus 5020 switch and a storage array that's connected through 10GB Ethernet over Fibre if they can talk. Does the switch do any protocol translation? Or is it that the storage and server are speaking two different protocols they cannot talk?


Re: Nexus 5020 switch

The UPC handles all packet processing operations within the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series server switch. It is an L2MP device with the capability to operate simultaneously and at wire speed with the following protocols:

• Classical Ethernet

• Fibre Channel

• FCoE

On the ingress side, it handles the physical details of different media, maps the received packets to a unified internal packet format, and makes forwarding decisions based on protocol-specific forwarding tables stored locally in the ASIC. On the egress side, it remaps the unified internal format to the format supported by the egress medium and Layer 2 protocol and transmits the packet.

This white paper should help you out...

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