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Nexus 5020 VPC Causing VLAN 1 to Fail

Before I post any of my configurations up, I just want to see if anyone have experienced anything similar and know what's causing the following problem.  As of right now, we are noticing on our Nexus 5020 switch that whenever any of our configured port channels go down due to the member interface failing, our VLAN 1 would go down with it.  We also tried removing VLAN 1 from sending traffic through any of the VPC's and that would also bring it down.   We thought about adding another member to the port channel to keep it up, but our fex hardware is only limited to assigning one port member per VPC.  Production traffic is still running fine on the switch, but this is proving to be a nightmare on the management aspect since we are also using VLAN 1 as our management interface.  We are running NX-0S 4.3.1, so any insights is appreciated to get to the root of this problem.

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