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Nexus 5548 TACACS+ config question?

I am working for an Air Force client and am adding a handful of 5548s into their network.  My question is how Tacacs+ is configured.  My hands are tied in regards to testing in an operational environment so I want to ensure the configs are correct prior to deployment/maintenance window and avoid any remote issues.

I have read the "Cisco Press - TACACS+" config guide and it was somewhat vague in regards to operational deployment.

My basic NX-OS configs are as follows:

- feature tacacs+
- tacacs-server key 7 "002A52xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8"
- tacacs-server host 128.xx.xx.xx timeout 10
- tacacs-server host 128.xx.xx.xx timeout 10
- tacacs-server directed-request

When I try to set the following command string, aaa authentication login default group tacacs+ local, the NX-OS asks me the input a "server group name".  There are no server groups configured.  Do I need them? Can I get by without configuring a group name because the client probably will not. The Cisco IOS devices are configured with normal aaa authentication/authorization parameters.

Also, do the VTY ports default to sshv2 and the correct tacacs+ parameters with the "transport input ssh" command (not available)?

Any help would be greatly aprreciated.



Nexus 5548 TACACS+ config question?

there should be a "built in" group for tacacs and radius.

Configuring Default Login Authentication Methods

The authentication methods include the following:

  • Global pool of RADIUS servers

  • Named subset of RADIUS or TACACS+ servers

  • Local database on the Nexus 5000 Series switch

  • Username only

The default method is local.

Before you configure default login authentication methods,  configure RADIUS or TACACS+ server groups as needed. To configure  default login authentication methods, perform this task:


1.          switch# configure terminal

2.          switch(config)# aaa authentication login default {group                                                                  group-list [none] | local | none}

3.          switch(config)# exit

4.          (Optional)                                    switch# show aaa authentication

5.          (Optional)                                    switch# copy running-config startup-config


Command or ActionPurpose
Step 1switch# configure terminal                                                                                     

Enters configuration mode.

Step 2switch(config)# aaa authentication login default {group                                                                  group-list [none] | local | none}                            

Configures the default authentication methods.

The                                                                            group-list                                                                   argument consists of a space-delimited list of group names. The group names are the following:

  • radius                         —Uses the global pool of RADIUS servers for authentication.

  • named-group                                                                                    —Uses a named subset of TACACS+ or RADIUS servers for authentication.

The                       local                    method uses the local database for authentication. The                       none                    method uses the username only.

The default login method is                       local                   , which is used when no methods are configured or when all of the configured methods do not respond.

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Re: Nexus 5548 TACACS+ config question?

Build a aaa group and aaa commands like as follows:

feature tacacs+

tacacs-server key 7 "002A52xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8

aaa group server tacacs+ AAA-Servers

    server [1st server IP]

    server [optional - 2nd server IP]

    source-interface [svi consistent with your device deifntion in tacacs server]

aaa authentication login default group AAA-Servers local

aaa authorization config-commands default group AAA-Servers none

aaa authorization commands default group AAA-Servers none

aaa accounting default group AAA-Servers

tacacs-server directed-request

That should get you good to go.

For more details, please refer here.

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Re: Nexus 5548 TACACS+ config question?

Also, your second question is answered here as follows:

Cisco NX-OS Software defaults to SSHv2 with a 1024 bit RSA key.  The SSH key can be modified to a DSA/RSA key up to 2048 bits to increase security.