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Nexus 5k-2148 Integration to 6509VSS

Nexus 5k-2148 Integration to 6509VSS

Hi experts

am new to this Nexus family and planning to do new deployement as per attached setup.

After going through the Nexus docs i have prepared the configuration of Nexus 5000.(No box available yet and its awaited)

Request you to please validate the same and let me know the correction.

The VSS end configuration can be managable and i can configure the 2 links on each core as part of port channel and will configure layer2 MEC.SVC's for vlans will be configured in VSS which will act as default gateway for the end servers.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Nexus 5k-2148 Integration to 6509VSS


can anyone please check this and revert.


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Re: Nexus 5k-2148 Integration to 6509VSS

Hello Sameer,

it may be wise to post this under data center forums.

personally I had no chance to work on a Nexus up to now.

Second hand information got from people that has took part in cisco presentations has noted that the weak point are the extenders, the 2000 series  that have some limitations that make them difficult to use in some server farms.

but no direct experience.

The most important limitation that has been reported in that presentation  is the fact that you cannot build a bundle of more then two ports on the downlink ports. And that at the time of the presentation was not possible to form bundles that extend over multiple extenders

This can be a big problem because most modern servers have a lot of GE NICs and some designs use bundle of 4 GE ports.

For example last servers that are installed in our serverfarms have 7 or 14 GE ports with different use, and server people asks for 4 GE bundles with trunk.

For this reason our design group is thinking  of using C4948 instead of the extenders for the design of new server farms.

Your design looks like reasonable. Nexus 2148 is declared capable to connect with 4 tengiga to parent switch

The                 Cisco Nexus 2148T has 48 1000BASE-T Ethernet host interfaces for its downlink connection to servers or hosts and 4 10-Gigabit Ethernet fabric interfaces with SFP+ interface adapters for its uplink connection to the parent switch.

Also configuration looks like correct per nexus extender configuration guide

Hope to help


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Re: Nexus 5k-2148 Integration to 6509VSS

hi Giuseppe

1st of all thanks for your reply.Anyway i have  initially put this post under Datacenter (Server Networking) but received no reply immediately so thought trying it here.

anyway i have gone through the nexus documentation and accordingly i had prepared those attached doc.(Regarding the limitations you mentioned i dont think those will create any problem here as the servers would be with dual NIC.)..i wanted some expert to go though the script i prepared and suggest any correction if any so during implementation i wont have any challenge or new surprise.

anyway thanks for your help..lets see if anyone worked on these boxes can help me out..


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