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Nexus 5k connected to dual 4506-E w/VSS

We're in the process of several upgrades. Part of these upgrades include turning on VSS in our core on two 4506E and installing a Nexus 5k with UCS in the data center. I'm planning to configure the links between Nexus and 4506E as layer 3 port channels.

My question is will the 4506E pair appear as one switch to the Nexus 5k? I would like to have a pair of 10G uplinks from the Nexus 5K to each 4506E...40G total. I'm wondering how STP will interact with the 3 switches as well. thanks....

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Re: Nexus 5k connected to dual 4506-E w/VSS

If they're L3 portchannels, spanning tree won't play into that as it is L2. You will rely on ECMP for your IGP to load balance and all port between the layers will potentially be forwarding.

If they were L2 portchannels and you had VPC for all the relevant VLANs, it would look like one big 40 Gbps link - also with all ports forwarding. In that case the portchannel load balancing algorithm would distribute the traffic.

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