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Nexus 7000 with Nexus 2000 ,Core operation failed LOG.

Hi all,

I did an ATP for a customer on Nexus 7000 I Simulate him a wide variety of:

- hardware malefaction

- power supply issue

- card's disconnected.

and so on.

in the end i did a Simulation of crashing the 7000 meaning i shutdown the PS, after he came up i started to notice this log messages :

N7k-2  SYSMGR-FEX101-3-CORE_OP_FAILED  Core operation failed: send_msg_to_ccdmon:

Could not send to CORE_DMON return -1 errno 32

I forget to mention that there is a N2K that connected to the N7K.

after a little research a found out that it's a well-known bug : CSCtz10762  and to solve i need to contact the tac.

what I'm asking is:

1. if i will delete the fex configuration and reconfigure it again will the log stop?

2. is there other solution for the issue because my client network topology is the same?


thanks in advance

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