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Nexus 7010 health checkup

Hi Everyone,

Hop you are doing good.

I want all of your suggestion on below point.

1. I have a nexus 7010 model switch. As requested by top management, I need to do a complete health check up on this devices. Can you suggest me which are the points in need to cover while preparing the report? And what are the best practices method i can suggest with the team.

Expecting your reply on this

Thanks in advance,



Nexus 7010 health checkup


See this:

Using GOLD Diagnostics

Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD) defines a common framework for diagnostic operations across Cisco platforms. The GOLD implementation checks the health of hardware components and verifies proper operation of the system data and control planes. Some tests take effect when the system is booting up; other tests take effect when the system is operational.

A booting module goes through a series of checks before coming online to allow the system to detect faults in the hardware components at bootup and to ensure that a failing module is not introduced in a live network.

Defects are also diagnosed during system operation or runtime. You can configure a series of diagnostic checks to determine the condition of an online system. You must distinguish between disruptive and nondisruptive diagnostic tests. Although nondisruptive tests occur in the background and do not affect the system data or control planes, disruptive tests do affect live packet flows. You should schedule disruptive tests during special maintenance windows. The show diagnostic content module output displays test attributes such as disruptive or nondisruptive tests.

You can configure runtime diagnostic checks to run at a specific time or to run continually in the background.

Health-monitoring diagnostic tests are nondisruptive, and they run in the background while the system is in operation. The role of online diagnostic health monitoring is to proactively detect hardware failures in the live network environment and inform you of a failure.

GOLD collects diagnostic results and detailed statistics for all tests including the last execution time, the first and last test pass time, the first and last test failure time, the total run count, the total failure count, the consecutive failure count, and the error code. These test results help administrators determine the condition of a system and understand the reason for a system failure. Use the show diagnostic result command to view diagnostic results.

Hope this helps..!

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