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Nexus 7010 Latency Issue

Dear all,

I just deployed a nexus 7010 switch at a server farm. after deployment, it was notices that there are surges in latency across the network. The default gateway was then moved to the nexus, with this pinging from an host on the same subnet there is intermitent burst is latency



Ping of about 80ms and sometimes even times out.

To me, this is strange.

Any ideas???

NX-OS Version is 5-02a

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Nexus 7010 Latency Issue

Hi Joshua,

When you ping from or to the Nexus 7000, the packet needs to be processed in software (read CPU). This will introduce latency for your pings. Also, if you have CoPP enabled then you might be dropping ping packets because of that. The above behavior is expected.

If you are having issues if you ping from one server to another which goes through Nexus, then we should be processing it in hardware. If you are having issues for this kind of behavior then this is not expected and needs to investigate.

Some helpful commands to check drops:
show interface eth x/y

show interface eth x/y counter detail all

Check Drop for packets going to CPU (These two commands needs to be done from default VDC)

show policy-map interface control-plane | in drop

show hardware rate-limiter | in Drop

Hope this helps.

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