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Nexus 7018 shows multiple next hops but only 1 is valid... why?


Just wondering if someone could shed some light on the following scenario please:

Nexus 7018 performing 'show ip route' for a particular destination but shows one valid route and two other routes. However the forwarding table only shows the valid route and the next hops for the 'other' routes, shows the route to the destination originated from the original source... eg

SWITCH# show ip route

IP Route Table for VRF "default"

'*' denotes best ucast next-hop

'**' denotes best mcast next-hop

'[x/y]' denotes [preference/metric], ubest/mbest: 1/0

    *via, Vlan344, [1/0], 6w1d, static

     via, Eth18/18, [110/62], 6w1d, ospf-1, type-1                    <<<<<<<<    

     via, Eth18/17, [110/62], 16w6d, ospf-1, type-1                   <<<<<<<<

Forwarding Table is correct:

SWITCH# show forwarding route

slot  1


IPv4 routes for table default/base


Prefix            | Next-hop         | Interface

------------------+------------------+---------------------        Vlan344

However, when I connect to the devices listed on the show ip route ( and 70) I get a route pointing back to the switch above.

SWITCH2# show ip route

Routing entry for

  Known via "ospf 1", distance 110, metric 21, type extern 1

  Last update from on GigabitEthernet1/46, 01:17:51 ago

  Routing Descriptor Blocks:

  *, from, 01:17:51 ago, via GigabitEthernet1/46

      Route metric is 21, traffic share count is 1

Why would the original switch show these extra two routes when it clearly knows the route to the destination as a Static route?



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