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Nexus 7k OSPF VRF Limitations


I want to create 6 VRFs within a single VDC on a Nexus 7000 and each one to have it's own routing table. The Nexus is at the datacentre core and connects to the rest of the campus that is also VRF enabled.

My problem is that VDC limit for OSPF is 4 process ids. How can you enable separate routing tables per VRF when the VDC routing limit is only 4 OSPF process per VDC?

Is there a way of enabling a single OSPF ID to handle multiple VRFs within the same VDC? The problem looks to be specific to OSPF as EIGRP gets round this by using interface level configuration and allows a single EIGRP process to handle multiple VRFs but I would prefer to use OSPF as the rest of the campus is already using OSPF with VRF overlayed as separate process ids'

Any help apppreciated.

Cisco Employee

Nexus 7k OSPF VRF Limitations


With NX-OS, you can follow up the same interface level configuration with OSPF as well. You should be able to design the multi-VRF process/Tenant design running OSPF within your environment.

We have tested the multi-tenant compact POD DC design with running 32 VRF's per OSPF process in each VDC and designed the solution that way.

Hope this helps.


-amit singh

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Nexus 7k OSPF VRF Limitations


Thank you for the response. I did read the POD design guide but i'm struggling to find a good configuration guide for advanced routing/pod deployment which is the main issue.

Within the link you sent it states that the OSPF limits for a POD is 32VRFs per OSPF instance however in a non pod design you can use upto the system limit of VRFS per OSPF Instance which is 250 per VDC.

Based on this I would ascertain that I can achieve what we require without the restrictions of implementing a POD design. However I cannot find anything that details an example configuration for both options either mutliple VRFS per OSPF instance or a Compact POD design.

Can you assist any further in pointing me in the right direction or posting a snapshot of multiple VRFs per OSPF instance.

Once agains thanks for the response.

New Member

Re: Nexus 7k OSPF VRF Limitations

Although this is an old post, I hope this is still being monitored.

If different VRFs have the same ospf process ID, does it mean they all share the same ospf database? this defeats the purpose of using VRF.

Any comment is highly appreciated.

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