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Nexus7K and ESX host teaming

Hi all,

I have stand alone Nexus 7018 switch which is connected with 2 ethernet cables to ESX host (VMware V-Sphere 4).

My goal is to create ESX host teaming for load balancing purposes between the N7K to the ESX host.

I created Port-channel on the N7K to bundle the 2 ports. On the ESX host I configured Teaming in the vSwitch.

After configuring, I had only partial connectivity. If I shut on of the physical ports in the Port-Channel (any of the 2), then everything works perfectly.

I though it might be a load-balancing issue on the Nexus or on the ESX host. I've tried every possible combination of load-balancing algorithms but nothing helped.

For troubleshooting purposes, I connected the same ESX host to c6500 instead of Nexus, configured the same Port-channel and everything worked perfectly!

I'm out of ideas here. Please help.

Nexus ports configuration:

interface Ethernet17/47
  switchport access vlan 701
  mtu 9216
  channel-group 25
  no shutdown

interface Ethernet17/48
  switchport access vlan 701
  mtu 9216
  channel-group 25
  no shutdown

interface port-channel25
  switchport access vlan 701
  mtu 9216

N7018# show port-channel summary

25    Po25(SU)    Eth      NONE      Eth17/47(P)  Eth17/48(P)

N7018# show port-channel load-balance

Port Channel Load-Balancing Configuration:
System: source-dest-ip-port

Port Channel Load-Balancing Addresses Used Per-Protocol:
Non-IP: source-dest-mac
IP: source-dest-ip-port

Nexus module type is:  N7K-M148GT-11

NX-OS version 4.2(6)

Cisco Employee

Re: Nexus7K and ESX host teaming

I would have expected to this to work properly as well.  Are you able to configure the port-channel to use LACP on each end?  This way you can ensure the port-channel comes up as expected on each side?

Community Member

Re: Nexus7K and ESX host teaming

Hi Chad,

Thanx for answering...

LACP isn't supported on vSphere4 vSwitch.



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