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NIC/IP configuration requirement for 3750-stackwise

Imagine I have (2) 3750 switches, stackwise configured on a redundant fashion.

Currently, a server has the following configuration:

As is now:

Device1-NIC1 = IP:

Device1-NIC2 = IP:

Imagine such devices which will be connected to the 3750 switches do not support teaming.

If I want to make the service/device highly available in the event that one of the switches 'go down', do I need to change the IP address of NIC2 above in(put this on another network) in order to avoid loops? Note that the IP address are on the same network and since 'teaming' is not an option here, I am wondering whether there are potential for loops in this case?


Re: NIC/IP configuration requirement for 3750-stackwise

Problems sometimes occur between the switch and third-party network interface cards (NICs). By default, the switch ports and interfaces are set to autonegotiate. It is common for devices like laptops or other devices to be set to autonegotiate as well, yet sometimes autonegotation issues occur.

To troubleshoot autonegotiation problems try manually setting both sides of the connection. If this does not solve the problem, there could be a problem with the firmware or software on your NIC card. You can resolve this by upgrading the NIC card driver to the latest version available from the manufacture.

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