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Nicely moving systems to another vlan


I'm creating a vlan migration plan. Currently we only have vlan1, and I have at least six that I'm creating.

I have a 3750 L3 switch, and there are about 5 subnets on vlan1 SVI.

I need to move printers over to vlan99. The address for vlan1's svi is

Once I create the new vlan99, I'll need to move the address from vlan1 to vlan99, and then switch all of the printers ports to access ports for that vlan.

My question is: Is there an easier way for me to do this instead of one fell swoop?



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Re: Nicely moving systems to another vlan


Are you going to be readdressing the printers as well or do they already have the right IP addresses. If they do one fell swoop is not that much work

1) create vlan 99 and give it an IP address

2) use the "interface range" commamd which allows you to select a group of ports at once and then just allocate them into vlan 99.

If you use notepad to create the config it really is just a quick cut and paste.


Re: Nicely moving systems to another vlan

Yeah, they have the correct addresses. I think the reason they want to do it in spurts is because we have about 100 servers (70 physical, 30 VMs), and they would like to do it in a phased approach. I've told them that I believed when we moved the address off of VLAN1 and moved it to the new vlan, nothing would work until we added all of the servers to the VLAN as access ports.

Oh, since you responded, I went back to my original migration thing. :-)

I told them today that starting with printers may be the safer bet, so they can see what should happen.

Thanks Jon,


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