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NME-16ESW-1G-P module and routing

Hi experts,

I have a Cisco 3845 router with an NME-16ESW-1G-P module installed.

I was wondering if i could use the Gigabit1/0 interface on this module as a routed port to connect to another Cisco 3845 router?

I can't have a play with it at the moment as the device is live, but i was hoping that i could simply use the "no switchport" command on the gi1/0 interface, assign it an IP address and away i go...

If this is not possible (I have read that it may not be), is it possible to utlilise a VLAN interface within the switch module to configure routing on?

Basically, i desperately need 3 routed interfaces on my router to complete the OSPF config i have and i am using the two main ones already!

Many thanks for any advice and help,


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Re: NME-16ESW-1G-P module and routing


From Cisco Etherswitch modules doc -

Q. Can I configure the switch interfaces as Layer 3 ports?

A. The Cisco EtherSwitch network module and service module interfaces can be configured directly as Layer 3, or routed, ports by using the no switchport command and assigning an IP address directly to the port. Cisco Switchports on the HWIC do not support Layer 3 addresses natively; they must be assigned to a SVI and use a VLAN interface for Layer 3. Every switch port can be assigned to a unique VLAN, up to 15 VLANs maximum.

Full link -

Your module is a service module so you should be able to configure any of the ports as a routed port ie. "no switchport".


Re: NME-16ESW-1G-P module and routing

Many thanks Jon. I have been searching around trying to find a definitive answer and couldn't for the life of me find one!

I should be able to get onto the router within the next couple of days so will get some configs going, but thanks again for the info



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