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no boot network and no ip identd commands


I want to understand where we can use  the below mentioned commands.

no boot network and no ip idented.

I am trying on multiple platforms/hardwares like 6500, 4900 , 3700 and 7600 but it is working on 6500 and 7600 only. Are these  commands platform dependent.



Cisco Employee

no boot network and no ip identd commands


The IDENT service and its server, identd, were originally Unix services once used to identify the user that initiated a particular TCP session. Imagine that a user from a mainframe initiated a TCP connection to another server (HTTP, SMTP, Telnet, etc.). For logging purposes, the other server could use the IDENT service to ask the mainframe about the identity of the user that initiated the particular TCP connection to it. The ip identd command would allow the IDENT service on your device if the IDENT service is supported in your IOS image. It should be stressed that this service is currently considered dangerous and should not be run. If the no ip identd command is not recognized then the IDENT service is not even supported on your platform.

The boot network command allows your device to load configuration from a specified network URL instead of using the stored configuration in NVRAM. Except for special bootstrap cases, it is not used nowadays and again, it should be disabled using the no boot network. Again, if the command is not supported then the device does not even support booting using a network-located configuration file.

I am not sure if I answered your question - please feel welcome to ask further.

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