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no ip vrf command on Cisco 881


I have a Cisco 881 router with  c880data-universalk9-mz.150-1.M7 IOS.

I can not issue the ip vrf  command.

From which version of IOS this command is available?


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no ip vrf command on Cisco 881

Accrding to my pass at feature navigator, its not available for that platform. I searched on mpls vpn cli for IPv4 /IPv6.

New Member

no ip vrf command on Cisco 881


I search on Multi-VRF Support (VRF-Lite).

881 plataform with c880data-universalk9-mz.150-1.M7 IOS supports this feature.

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no ip vrf command on Cisco 881

When I issue ip ? command I get

Global IP configuration subcommands:

  access-list           Named access-list

  accounting-list       Select hosts for which IP accounting information is


  accounting-threshold  Sets the maximum number of accounting entries

  accounting-transits   Sets the maximum number of transit entries

  address-pool          Specify default IP address pooling mechanism

  admission             Network Admission Control (NAC)

  alias                 Alias an IP address to a TCP port

  arp                   IP ARP global configuration

  auth-proxy            Authentication Proxy

  bootp                 Config BOOTP services

  cef                   Cisco Express Forwarding

  classless             Follow classless routing forwarding rules

  ddns                  Configure dynamic DNS

  default-gateway       Specify default gateway (if not routing IP)

  default-network       Flags networks as candidates for default routes

  device                Device tracking

  dhcp                  Configure DHCP server and relay parameters

  dhcp-client           Configure parameters for DHCP client operation

  dhcp-server           Specify target DHCP server parameters

  dns                   Configure DNS server for a zone

  domain                IP DNS Resolver

  domain-list           Domain name to complete unqualified host names.

  domain-lookup         Enable IP Domain Name System hostname translation

  domain-name           Define the default domain name

  finger                finger server

  flow-aggregation      Configure flow aggregation

  flow-cache            Configure netflow cache parameters

  flow-capture          Capture additional netflow information

  flow-egress           Configure netflow egress

  flow-export           Specify host/port to send flow statistics

  flow-top-talkers      Configure netflow top talkers

  forward-protocol      Controls forwarding of physical and directed IP


  ftp                   FTP configuration commands

  gratuitous-arps       Generate gratuitous ARPs for PPP/SLIP peer addresses

  host                  Add an entry to the ip hostname table

  host-list             Configure a host list

  host-routing          Enable host-based routing (proxy ARP and redirect)

  hostname              Configure hostname types

  hp-host               Enable the HP proxy probe service

  http                  HTTP server configuration

  icmp                  ICMP options

  inspect               Context-based Access Control Engine

  local                 Specify local options

  mfib                  Multicast Forwarding

  mroute                Configure static multicast routes

  msdp                  MSDP global commands

  multicast             Global IP Multicast Commands

  multicast-routing     Enable IP multicast forwarding

  name-server           Specify address of name server to use

  nat                   NAT configuration commands

  nbar                  NBAR - Network Based Application Recognition

  options               IP Options treatment

  port-map              Port to application mapping (PAM) configuration


  prefix-list           Build a prefix list

  radius                RADIUS configuration commands

  rcmd                  Rcmd commands

  reflexive-list        Reflexive access list

  route                 Establish static routes

  routing               Enable IP routing

  sap                   Global IP Multicast SAP Commands

  scp                   Scp commands

  sctp                  Global SCTP parameters

  security              Specify system wide security information

  sla                   IP Service Level Agreement

  source-route          Process packets with source routing header options

  ssh                   Configure ssh options

  subnet-zero           Allow 'subnet zero' subnets

  tacacs                TACACS configuration commands

  tcp                   Global TCP parameters

  telnet                Specify telnet options

  tftp                  tftp configuration commands

  traffic-export        IP traffic export configuration commands

  verify                URPF SNMP trap and IP packet header validation command

New Member

no ip vrf command on Cisco 881


880 series supports a single universal image with Cisco Software Activation.  The active feature set is determined by the software
license installed on the platform.
In this case, VRF Lite is only supported when the Adv. IP feature license is installed.
Router#show license

Index 1 Feature: advipservices

        Period left: Life time

        License Type: Permanent

        License State: Active, In Use

        License Count: Non-Counted

        License Priority: Medium



New Member

no ip vrf command on Cisco 881


I will verifiy the active licenses


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