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no service password-recovery (isr2800)


Quick question, I had a 2800 router with the no service password-recovery configured on a 2800.

nobody knows the password.

how can I recover the password?.


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Re: no service password-recovery (isr2800)

You can't that I know of unless you have a copy of the config and its using the type 7 password, you could then decrypt that online.  If you don't you can only reset it to default and start over.

Recovering a Device

To recover a device once the No Service Password-Recovery feature has  been enabled, press the Break key within 5 seconds after the image  decompresses during the boot. You are prompted to confirm the Break key  action. When you confirm the action, the startup configuration is  erased, the password-recovery procedure is enabled, and the router boots  with the factory default configuration.

If you do not confirm the Break key action, the router boots normally with the No Service Password-Recovery feature enabled.

Re: no service password-recovery (isr2800)

You could try these steps

Remove the Compact Flash card
Reboot the router
It should come up in rommon mode
Change the config-register to 0x2142
put the Compact flash card back in the router
Reboot the router
Say no to the auto config
go into enable mode
do the command   copy start run
this should have loaded your old config
now change the password and save.... write memory
change the config-register back to 0x2102
write mem
relaod the router
you should now be good to go.


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