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No telnet enable access after IOS change 2960 PST L

Hey there!


I changed from c2960-lanbasek9-mz.150-2.SE4.bin to c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-55.SE9.bin on a WS-C2960-48PST-L. Now I get access with telnet, but I get the message "wrong password" when I try to switch to enable mode.

Password is correct and works on switches with "old" IOS version - used copy paste on all switches.

I try console access later, but I have little hope that it makes a difference.


Anyone ever heared about trouble with telnet enable mode after IOS change?


Greets FH

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Cisco Employee

So console works after the

So console works after the upgrade.

But telnet enable password doesnt work?


Did you try changing the password when you console to it and then try telnetting to the box and check the difference?


This is not the common issue as code upgrade will not cause this kind of issue untill unless there is some bug.




New Member

Checked console access right

Checked console access right now - I get straight to enable mode after login on console.

Passwords are encrypted, so I cannot check them. While telnetting on localhost switch still not accepts enable password.

I will reconfigure it on console and see what happens - but first I have to remember how to set it only for remote access...

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Ok, here we go: the 150-2

Ok, here we go: the 150-2 supports SHA256, 122-55 seems not.

Config had a "enable secret 4" configured - which is gone after IOS change. So actually I have no enable password set. Which an "enable secret 5" it is no problem to switch IOS.

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