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NTP > 2.5Ms dispersal. 4506, 31% CPU load average.

The accuracy required is < 1Ms.

Most of my devices meet this requirement. What I believe is happening is that this 4506 is loading down and not spending its CPU cycles on NTP calculations. I may be able to rectify this somehow, but not easily I think.

The 6513s seem to never load up and always run low NTP jitter. I am contemplating pointing my hosts at the core 6513s, for NTP, as a solution. I don't think that there is an issue with forwarding NTP packets and repointing the hosts would likely improve accuracy. I am not sure about NTP convergence time impacts though across the network, using a mixture of Linux, AIX, and Windows devices (I'm in an early stage of the solution).

What I would like to figure out is a method of graphing the NTP accuracy parameters of all my Cisco network devices themselves over a large period of time. It would also be useful to associate these plots with CPU utilization on each device.

Any ideas about any of this? thx

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