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NTP on 2 NEXUS 7000

hello All ,

I have a query for NTP architecture which we are trying to impliment having  NTP server on 2Nexus 7000(HSRP pair ) but as we are planning to use loopback for NTP but as we cant have HSRP for it .

I have 2 queries

1)should i use physical interface for NTP source

2) If we continue to use loopback interface on nexus is it good solution or not and how will client know which NTP server they should be client of

thanks for help




NTP on 2 NEXUS 7000

What do you mean by "having  NTP server on 2Nexus 7000"? If you are trying to get other devices to pull time from the Nexuses, what are you timing them off of?


To answer your question the loopback is the proper place to pull the time from as it is the most stable interface on the device. If the time is sync'd on the Nexuses, it does not matter which one time is pulled from. However, if you want control of where the time is coming from, you would do it on the NTP clients by using the "preferred" keyword after ip you want to use as the primary time source, and not after the one you want to use as a secondary.

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NTP on 2 NEXUS 7000

Thanks for reply Greg ,

By saying  "having  NTP server on 2Nexus 7000" I meant Nexus is acting as client for Global NTP which are confiigured on Nexus but local network devices will be having ip address of Nexus as there NTP source , which in this case will be 2 looback interface on Nexus .

The devices which will be connected to Nexus will be windows Servers so I nee to mention both loopback ip's  on window server and prefer one of them ?

Thanks for help



New Member

NTP on 2 NEXUS 7000


Please advise if we use loopback as ntp source and ntp client is window server can we specify preferred ntp or not

Re: NTP on 2 NEXUS 7000

If you are talking about timing client devices, I would typically point them at at the SVI for their local VLAN (their default gateway). If that goes down, they have bigger problems then timing.

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