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NTP Sever on L3 Switch.

Hi All

I have a 3560E(or any L3 switch for that matter) at work and I need it to provide NTP to 4 different types of equipment(systems) all of which are on their own subnet. I have a Hopf GPS clock as my source that all the systems need to get their clock from. Do I put each system into it's own VLAN and make the port to which the GPS clock is connected a trunk port? (The 4 systems that are connected to the switch should not be able to communicate with each other.)

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.



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Re: NTP Sever on L3 Switch.

Hi Greg,

You don't need to do that.

From the switch, you can specify your NTP source using the command "ntp server ". All of your "different type of equipment" can associate to your switch as an NTP source. This is what I do at work and it works perfectly.

Does this answer your question?

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Re: NTP Sever on L3 Switch.

Thanks a lot for the assistance.

Just found out though that my boss has gone and bought a 3Com 4500 switch instead of the Cisco 3560 that I asked for!

Anyway I'll have a look through the manual and hopefully I'll be able to configure it as you have mentioned.

Once again thanks a lot for the help.

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