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New Member

NVRAM Diagnostic

Dear Mister

What is the diagnostic that I must to use in a Catalyst 6500 with SUP 720, in order to check the NVRAM function.

I get the next message in the console:

%Error opening nvram:/startup-config (Invalid Checksum)

Is better to open a case???

Best Regards


Re: NVRAM Diagnostic

Hello Rodrigo

Try the "test" command and see if it responds. eg

Router#test memory

Test NVRAM card [y/n] ? y


Do you have a backup of the switch config.. you can try doing a write erase and see if it solves the issue. if not, it could just be that the NVRAM has gone faulty, and a Cisco TAC engineer can help you RMA the part..

Hope this helps.. Let us know if you need any help on this. rate replies if found useful..


New Member

Re: NVRAM Diagnostic

Than you Mister

Bus this command is only supported ultil IOS s72033-psv-mz.122-17a.SX1. After version, by sample IOS s72033-psv-mz.122-18.SXD7b have the command "test", but without option "memory".

The diagnostic options not indicate that check the NVRAM i s a SUP.720.

Best Regards

Re: NVRAM Diagnostic

Did you try erasing the NVRAM ? If the hardware is fine, it should erase it, otherwise it should throw an error.

In any case, if this switch is under support, open a TAC case, and Cisco will RMA the hardware..

If this switch is not in production, and if you have any other spare SUP 720, you can try swapping it, and see if the switch comes up.. Just for diagnostics purpose :)

Hope this helps.. All the best..


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