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NX5020 - N5K-M1404 4x1/2/4G FC Module

I have a NX5020 configured and working fine.

  BIOS:      version 1.2.0
  loader:    version N/A
  kickstart: version 4.0(1a)N2(1)
  system:    version 4.0(1a)N2(1)
  BIOS compile time:       06/19/08
  kickstart image file is: bootflash:/n5000-uk9-kickstart.4.0.1a.N2.1.bin
  kickstart compile time:  2/25/2009 0:00:00 [02/25/2009 05:29:12]
  system image file is:    bootflash:/n5000-uk9.4.0.1a.N2.1.bin
  system compile time:     2/25/2009 0:00:00 [02/25/2009 05:56:57]


nx5020-wc0# sh module
Mod Ports  Module-Type                      Model                  Status
--- -----  -------------------------------- ---------------------- ------------
1    40     40x10GE/Supervisor               N5K-C5020P-BF          active *
2    8      4x10GE + 4x1/2/4G FC Module      N5K-M1404              ok
3    6      6x10GE Ethernet Module           N5K-M1600              ok

Mod  Sw              Hw      World-Wide-Name(s) (WWN)
---  --------------  ------  --------------------------------------------------
1    4.0(1a)N2(1)    1.2     --
2    4.0(1a)N2(1)    1.0     20:41:00:0d:ec:e1:98:40 to 20:44:00:0d:ec:e1:98:40
3    4.0(1a)N2(1)    1.0     --

Mod  MAC-Address(es)                         Serial-Num
---  --------------------------------------  ----------
1    000d.ece1.9848 to 000d.ece1.986f         JAF1339BCAA
2    000d.ece1.9870 to 000d.ece1.9877         JAF1338ABNG
3    000d.ece1.9878 to 000d.ece1.987f         JAF1335ASJN

I am wondering about using 1G port of N5K-M1404 module but can not see them:




interface Ethernet1/40
  description UpLink Switch VISGRAF - Sala 128
  switchport access vlan 6
  no shutdown

interface Ethernet2/1
  switchport mode trunk
  no shutdown

interface Ethernet2/2

interface Ethernet2/3

interface Ethernet2/4

interface Ethernet3/1

interface Ethernet3/2

interface Ethernet3/3

interface Ethernet3/4

interface Ethernet3/5

interface Ethernet3/6

What should I configure in order to have them enabled ?








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Hi Rosa,on the Nexus series,

Hi Rosa,

on the Nexus series, it does not tell you weather the port is 1Gig or 10Gig.  It depends on the optic you use. SFP+ is 10Gig SFP is 1Gig.


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Reza tks.Are you telling I

Reza tks.

Are you telling I can use a 1Gig SFP (booth sides) on port eth 2/1 even it is a 10GE ?


Mod Ports  Module-Type                      Model                  Status
--- -----  -------------------------------- ---------------------- ------------
2    8      4x10GE + 4x1/2/4G FC Module      N5K-M1404              ok




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As I have showed, using

As I have showed, using :

NX5020,  4x10GE + 4x1/2/4G FC Module  (N5K-M1404), interface Ethernet2/1 and a SFP (1G)


Cat 2960-S SFP (1G)

do not work

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