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NX5K licenses

Hello everybody

I was using the Cisco Tools Configuration to a Nexus 5010, but in the Software License Options mention 2 License, I have a question about that:

  1. N5010-SSK9. Nexus 5010 Storage Protocols Services License.
  2. N5000FMS1K9.  Nexus 5000 Fabric Manager Server License.

In the ordering information I understand that the N5010-SSK9 is to rich features of the table 4 :

  • But can anybody tell me what is N5010-SSK9 for? when should I use that License?

  • If I only have one NX5K, these licenses are needed?

Thanks a lot,

Cisco Employee

Re: NX5K licenses

Hi Rene,

As I understand, the N5010-SSK9 license is only required if you need the following features:

  • Native Fibre Channel

  • FCoE

  • NPV

  • FC Port Security

  • Fabric Binding

From the following link, any feature not included in the Storage Services                 license package is bundled with the                  Cisco NX-OS software and is provided with the switch hardware at no additional charge.



Re: NX5K licenses

Thanks Cheers,

I made a mistake, I was referring to the license N5000FMS1K9 (Nexus 5000 Fabric Manager Server License), do you have idea when is required that license?


Cisco Employee

Re: NX5K licenses

Hi Rene,

It should be the Fabric Manager Server license and allows access to certain Cisco Fabric Manager features. It's required for features such as historical performance monitoring, Cisco Fabric Manager java client login  to a remote server, report generation and viewing with the Web Client.

I've found the following document on the Nexus 5000 Fabric Manager Server which might give you a bit more information.

You can run the unlicensed version of Fabric Manager.



Re: NX5K licenses


I can look in the link


The unlicensed Cisco Fabric Manager can only monitor and configure one fabric at a time. You must use the Open menu to switch to a new fabric, which causes the application to stop monitoring the previous one and to rediscover the new fabric.

I only have a NX5K i don´t have MDS, so that I thinks that unlicensed Cisco Fabric Manager  is sufficient.

Thanks again,

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