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Odd port behavior between 887VA Router and ESW520 switch.

Hello everyone.

I have an installed 887VA which is my Internet gateway via ADSL. It has 4 fast Ethernet LAN ports.

I have setup fastethernet0 and 1 as switch port access points to the native vlan 1.

My problem is occurring on attempting to connect the 887 to the ESW520 via different ports on the ESW520.

When I connect the 887 to the ESWs gigabit g1 uplink port then everything works fine. The fast Ethernet led comes on on the 887 and the link works fine.

When I change the connection so that the 887  goes into the fast Ethernet e1 port of the ESW520 then it fails to connect up. The LAN led on the 887 goes out and no connection is made.

I realize that from the factory the ESW520 is set up with defaults that are designed for voice and has traffic control enabled etc.

But I have gone through all the settings here and made them match the g1 gigabit port throughout as best I can. So traffic control is disabled and so on. but still the e1 port fails to connect up to the 887 like it should.

Is it the POE coming in through this e1 port that is causing the failure?

I can't figure out why the e1 port is failing to connect when the g1 can. The e1 connects properly to VOIP phones, other switches, and so on, so I know the port works. Just that it doesn't want to work with the 886VA.

Any ideas on what's happening and what to do?

Thanks in advance.

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