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opinion on etherchannel Load balancing

I'm setting up a stack of 3750 switches with four ports grouped into two etherchannel groups to uplink to a pair of 6509 core switches. The core switches have vlan interfaces that are load balanced with HSRP. The 3750's will have a number of servers hanging off of them in essence acting as a access/distribution layer.

My question is What should I use for etherchannel load balancing? Would it be best to use source based forwarding on the 3750's because there are limited mac/ip addresses on the router and destination based forwarding on the core because of the number of different mac/ip addresses there?

To further complicate matters currently the majority of servers are connected to the core switches and will be phased slowly over to the 3750's over time so what may be the best answer now might not be the best answer later.


Mike Sands


Re: opinion on etherchannel Load balancing

Why not use GLBP and get better load balancing? YOU need to figure out what load balancing method is best for YOUR servers.

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