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Ordering Router



We need to order a new small Cisco Router for a very small branch office having max 10-users.

We need the following features be available of the router >

-IPsec VPN feature support

-Wireless support


Can anyone advise which exact series I should order ?





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What is the size of your WAN

What is the size of your WAN link present & future?

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Hi Leo,The present and future

Hi Leo,

The present and future WAN Link will be max of 5-10 Mbps.


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880 or 890 router can support

880 or 890 router can support 10 Mbps. 

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Hello Leo, Thanks for the

Hello Leo,


Thanks for the reply above.  I think I should go with the following exact part-number-


Cisco 881 Ethernet Security Router with Advanced IP Services



Have I chosen the right part-number ?  

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Or should I go with the

Or should I go with the following part-number-


Cisco 881 Ethernet Security Router with 802.11n FCC Compliant



Please advice any exact part-number which has  both Wifi & IPsec-site-site vpn  support.     There are lots of part-numbers which makes me confused




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Hi Waheed,  Personally, I'm

Hi Waheed, 


Personally, I'm not a big fan of a router with a built-in wireless access point (AP).  Why?  Because in a majority of cases, the router sits in one corner of the office and then the potential wireless clients sits in another corner, in some case TOO FAR away, of the area.  


I can't tell you whether or not to get the one with wireless or not without knowing and understanding the layout of your office.  If you are willing to share this information, you don't need to give us the details.  Just a small diagram that says "users are HERE, router will be installed HERE, the distance between the router and the users are <BLAH>" and tell us what obstacles (like walls, compactors, filing cabinets) between the router and the wireless users.

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@Waheed, I think you make a

@Waheed, I think you make a good point with your recommendation. Another factor to consider is that there's likely going to be an instance in which you'll need to troubleshoot your wireless. You can of course check the status of that service and troubleshoot that specific aspect. But if at some point during this process you have to reboot the router, you'd be taking down other services (internet link, VPN, etct) that are not necessarily related to the wireless service your troubleshooting. We have a 890 in a small test environment here that doesn't affect production. We're forced to reboot that router at least twice a month (sometimes more) because the wireless goes down (and also because we're a little lazy to specifically troubleshoot the wireless services in it).

On the other hand, Cisco does sell you the product with all the services integrated in one box. This is convenient and probably addresses a specific market segment.

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Thanks Leo and Julitoour

Thanks Leo and Julito

our office layout is very simple, it is a small Hall not more than 60-squar meter, and there will be no walll, shelf.... In between clients and the wifi router. 

Wat is your recommendation Leo?  What exact router part-number should i order?


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What kind of "shelves"?

What kind of "shelves"?  Metal-based bookshelves?


If they are just wooden shelves, then 890FW would be nice.   Don't skimp on the DRAM.  If you can put >1 Gb DRAM so much the better.


Before you purchase the router with an AP, can you specify what country this router will be deployed?  The reason why I'm asking is because the new 890FW are only available with "-A" and "-E" regulatory domain.

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The router will be deployed

The router will be deployed in France

and there will be wooden shelves, so i think i should go with Cisco892FW-E . Am i right?

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If it's France, then 892FW-E.

If it's France, then 892FW-E.  


Will you require PoE?   If you do, don't forget to order the 800-IL-PM-4.  If you order the daughter card together, you'll get a large power supply.  


When you order your router, make sure you choose the correct firmware for your AP (controller-based or autonomous IOS).

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Thank you for providing

Thank you for providing complete info

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