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OSPF: Block default-route from NSSA into backbone

I have an Internet Data Center configured as an NSSA; it is not yet connected to the rest of our corporate network via OSPF. When this DC connects to our backbone, I intend to summarize the area at the NSSA ABR for the backbone, but I'd prefer to not have the default-route also translated from Type 7 to Type 5. This default-route is originated from our firewalls at the DC that are exclusively (at this point) for the DC traffic, not corporate. I simply prefer this DC default-route from getting loose and affecting other parts of our network which also have their own default-routes toward their Internet links.

Is a "summary-address not-advertise" at the NSSA ABR the way to block this from going into area 0 or is there another preferred method?

Cisco Employee

Re: OSPF: Block default-route from NSSA into backbone

Hi Richard,

AFAIK "summary-address" is not supported by OSPF. Have you tried that and is it working?

I believe you can use route maps and call your ACL which will block default route and apply that route maps in ospf process. Have you also configured "default-information originate" command on your ASBR?



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