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OSPF Default Route Advertising With Tracking

Hi Forum Community,

I'm wondering if anyone can help me out:

Due to some company regulations I can't be part of a routing group, so I'm using sla tracks to failover to another route.

Initially I started using statics, but now I’m switching to OSPF over GRE IPsec tunnel.

everything works fine, but the only thing I can't get through is how can I advertise the default route when the tracking is down?:


default route:
ip route a.b.c.d track 1

When peer goes down:

ip route x.y.w.z 10

the above route is the one i can't get to distribute on the ospf area.
I've tried conditional default route & static redistribution on ospf.


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OSPF Default Route Advertising With Tracking


I am confused. You start the post by telling us that "Due to some company regulations I can't be part of a routing group" and then go on to tell us how you are now using OSPF. Then you give us a static default route with tracking and a floating static default route. But you do not give us any details about how OSPF is set up. Can you give us a more complete and consistent explanation of what the problem is?



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OSPF Default Route Advertising With Tracking

Hi, Yes you're right. The information provided is not accurate enough.

My company regulations prevent my branch network equipment to be a part of the border intranet routers (primary router A and failover router B).

My core switches (A & B) are my border equipment connected to Company Primary Router A & Failover Router B

I started using OSPF on all my network routers and core switches are the ASBR's.

They are the default gateway (with different metric) and they have a static default route tracking the next hop (Company Router A)

If Router A goes down i need to update the default route for all the OSPF Area.

So this is how i solved that problem:

On the CoreSwitch A pointing to the primary router A i configured a "Track Placeholder" with a route map to a bogus ip on interface null0:

ip prefix-list PLACEHOLDER seq 5 permit

route-map TRACK_PLACEHOLDER permit 10

match ip address prefix-list PLACEHOLDER

On the OSPF Process i configured this route map as the default advertised route:

default-information originate always metric 10 route-map TRACK_PLACEHOLDER

And finally the statics that define when the primary A is available:

ip route "RouterA" track 1

ip route Null0 track 1

ip route "CoreSwitchB" 10

With this configuration i manage to advertise the default when Primary A is available.

If it's not, the default advertised route goes out of the OSPF process.

Then on Core switch B that is connected to failover router B, I've configured the default advertised route with a higher metric and a tracking to find when Router A is up:

Router OSPF 1

default-information originate always metric 100

ip route "CoreSwitchA" track 1

ip route "RouterB" 10

ip route "NextHopToRouterA"

This Way all the traffic on my OSPF Area knows where to go and where to failover without having to be a part of another routing process on the border routers.

Hope this helps.




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