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OSPF load-balancing on ASA5520

Hi All! Happy New Year!

Our Cisco ASA is connected with two inside interfaces to internal Catalyst6500 switches.I am using OSPF for routing. But in the routing table of ASA i see only one interface to get inside switches. How to get OSPF to use both interfaces on the ASA, So Asa can load-balance the traffic?


Re: OSPF load-balancing on ASA5520

I feel cost of the link is different for both links, that's why you are getting only one route. are links used for connecting ASA to Cat 6500 switches same or different or you have set different cost value for both links?

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Re: OSPF load-balancing on ASA5520

Hi.. Happy new year too..

you can load balnce in ospf by manipulating cost of the link.

First check the cost of the existing preferred link.then accordingly you can set the cost to load balance between two interfaces.The command for changing the cost is interface level:ip ospf cost ????

on both side of link.

Hope this will help you.


Re: OSPF load-balancing on ASA5520

The ASA does not have the full feature set of OSPF. You can set the cost to control the preferred path but it will only use one at a time. It can't load balance 2 interfaces.

I would image that the Adaptive security algorithm would have a hard time with traffic going out one int and coming back on another.

There is a way to get it done if your using active/active. See Link.

Hope this helps.


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Re: OSPF load-balancing on ASA5520

Hi again,

I have configured the same OSPF cost on the both interfaces, but ASA still show only one interface in routing table. And unfortunately i am using Active/Standby.

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