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ospf point to multipoint

hi, i have 2 routers on a frame-relay network, i ran ospf on them with network type point-to-multipoint, now when i check the routing table on both routers i can see other serial interface ip with /32 mask which is directly connected to the other router, so i checked cisco and it said that it happens

but i dont understand that why it is happening ?? and if i want to prevent it can i do it ??

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Re: ospf point to multipoint

I don't recall if this would fix your concern about seeing the /32, but you might try using point-to-point if you running a PVC only between your two routers. Helps avoid some NBMA issues. See the OSPF design guide, start with "Adjacencies on Non-Broadcast Multi-Access (NBMA) Networks " in:

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Re: ospf point to multipoint

It's working as designed. On a NBMA network, the router needs to know about its neighbor in order to send the hello packets.

NBMA network, by default, is non-broadcast and when OSPF is configured on the interface, you must also configure the neighbors under the OSPF process.

If you change the OSPF network as point-to-multipoint, the protocol will announce its interface as a stub network to its neighbors for reachability. Removing this function will break the OSPF adjacency.


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