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OSPF routing issue

We have siteA and SiteB, siteB acting as a redundant data

ceter. We have MPLS connection to our remote sites from both location.We also have a dedicated DS3 connection from SiteA and SiteB to our West coast site. In order to do a failover, I shut down MPLS from Site A and desired Site A to learn routes via siteB, but this didn't happen. SiteA actualy started learning routes via west coast location which brought my utilization upto 90%.

I remember in RIB you can specify an offset-list 0 but what can be done in OSPF, please advice.



Re: OSPF routing issue

If MPLS is down at A, the only connection that remains there is ds3. This means A connects to B via West Coast now. Isn't this behavior normal then? Did I miss anything?


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Re: OSPF routing issue

I think I missed some information.

westcoastDS3 and ATTMPLS on siteA WAN router which connects to siteA core and site A core connects to siteB core via dark fiber and siteB core connects to siteBWAN-- where I have ATT MPLS connection and Westcoast DS3. Hope this helps. In this case. All the core routers are Cisco 6500 with SUP720s and wan rotuers are 6500 with sup1a.


Re: OSPF routing issue

In that case, I believe you have ospf adjacency on the fiber link as well. You may have to adjust bandwidth/ospf-cost on your ds3 or fiber link so that cost is lower on fiber link.

Hope this helps.

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