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OSPF Stub routing


I have a OSPF stub router with uplinks to two ABR's. The Stub router is configured to be totally stubby, therefore why do I also see other LSA's as well as the default route from each ABR. I thought I would only see the default routes.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cisco Employee

Re: OSPF Stub routing


The routes that as listed under the routing table as the "O" which are intra-area routes not the inter-area routes.

The most important thing to look out is your topology diagram. It looks like you have the router 1 as both ASBR and ABR as you are redistributing the BGP routes at the ASBR.

Areas that have external routes redistributed into them cannot be configured as stub or totally stubby areas.

External routes (like the Link State advertisement (LSA) type 5) are not allowed in stub areas. Therefore, they cannot propagate from the stub area into the backbone area, resulting in loss of connectivity to the external networks.


-amit singh

New Member

Re: OSPF Stub routing

Thanks Amit.

I know there had to be a simple answer and one that I had easily overlooked.

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Re: OSPF Stub routing

Hello Paul,

verify the config of the second ABR

O IA [110/2] via, 01:28:58, GigabitEthernet0/2

you are receiving only one O IA in addition to default route and comes from

verify you have

area stub no-summary

on both ABR

Hope to help


New Member

Re: OSPF Stub routing

Thanks for you response Giuseppe.

Both ABR's have the stub no-summary command.

The reason I believe for the odd behaviour that I am seeing is that one of my ABR's is in fact an ASBR, which is not allowed for a NSSA or Totally Stubby topology.


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