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Packet Loss on Mac X Serv

Let me just begin I hate anything Mac...

The problem I have began with the helpdesk reporting extremely slow build time off of our filewave server(our patch and application deployment solution) which hangs off of a 6509 Sup720 Cisco Switch. Filewave sits on a Mac X Server, which has been reporting slow RTT on the SNMP server.

While trying to diagnose the problem as either server or network related, I issued a ping flood of 10000 packets sized 1500K to this X serv, as well as the 10 others in our production environment and that resulted in about 30% packet loss and relatively high RTT on average per server. As a control test, I ran the same test to our Windows and Linux Servers (randomly picked 5 from each OS) and all 10 tests resulted in 0% packet loss with extremely low RTT.

I know Cisco and different platforms at times have issues with auto-negotiation, so I have tried setting the ports and servers to 1000/full, but there was no change in performance.

At first glance, this appears to me a MAC problem, possibly in the TCP/IP stack in the OS, but I was hoping to find someone that has experienced the same issues as I am now.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas for me, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks everyone.

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