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packet tagging

Hi all, if my server tags vlan packets already, what would i set my switch port to? would i just set it to an normal access port and a member of the same vlan ? i thought when you set a port as access any packets that come in normally are untagged


Re: packet tagging

Hi carl, long time no see you here ;-)

You need to set the port on the switch to be a trunk port. why? you said that the server already tagged the packets before sending them out so the switch needs to untagg those frames before sending to their vlans.

To make sure that the switch already knows the vlans as well as the server.

Hopes this helps


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Re: packet tagging

if the switch is sent to trunk, then the packet will remain tagged I believe? why would the switch need to untag the packets ?

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Re: packet tagging


The answer is yes. The packets remain tagged and will only be untagged when they are sent out to a access port that can untag them (a port in access mode with that VLAN tag).

You should have a tunk interface connected to the server so the switch receives any tags, then make sure there is at least an access port set to that VLAN ID(tag)to send those packets outs untagged.

The switch will try to send those tagged packets to a trunk port or access port with the corresponding VLAN tag.

If they remain tagged won't be received, processed, by anyone that can't read those tags (hosts).

See ya.

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