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Packet Tracer Problem?


I am from Malta and I am currently studying for my degree in Computer Networks. In a current module we started using Packet Tracer. I would like to know if you heard about any faults that it may have; such as an ACL will be set up on a router to deny packet but packets still pass through.

I would greatly appreciate a reply and thank you in advance.

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Packet Tracer Problem?

Packet Tracer can cause us students to go nuts! We think we are doing it right, PT says we are wrong, when the config is applied to the real gear, works just fine.  PT has a lot is limitations, but in the beginning it works fine. 

How about you post your question/topology and relevant parts of the config and we can check them for you?

Re: Packet Tracer Problem?

Hi Timmy,

Based from personal experience, I haven't encountered any issues with an ACL setup in PT during my CCNA RS review and virtual lab exercises.

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Re: Packet Tracer Problem?

Hi Timmy Martin  If you want a real network simulator, you'd better get GNS3, it works with real IOS Images, and simulates very well the process, now, also you can use Packet Tracer, however GNS3 has more features than  packet tracer, like more complex ACL or routing protocols as BGP an ODR.

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Thank you

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