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Packets heading out die at routed interface

I have detected an intermitted incident on my network that has been tough to pin down. From time to time, certain WinXP client machines report the a loss of connectivity to the internet. Apon a tracert to say, the tracert dies at a routed interface on 3750G 48 port switch., which is in a 4 switch stack. This routed interface is connected to a 2811 that is connected to my 100MB metro E connections from my HQ office. When the incident is occurring, other users on the same network segment are completely operational. When a client is reporting the trouble, as stated, the tracert will die at the switche's routed interface, however, a tracert to an internal destination will be successful.

Restated, i have seen tracerts fail from x.x.7.85, while at the same exact moment in time the tracert will succeed from x.x.7.30. to the same location. A ping will also fail at these moments as wll. I have verifed the the firewall is not recieving and then dropping the packets. My route in the switch to is a staic route pointing to ip of the clustered firewall.

Any thoughts?


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Re: Packets heading out die at routed interface

Hi Tendter15

Are both client in different vlans? So check if the firewall is understanding 802.1q (vlan tagging) otherwise the firewall doesn't understand the different vlan except vlan 1 (as this is untagged)


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Re: Packets heading out die at routed interface


Both clients are on the same vlan, but are connected to differnet access level switches. Could a recently added switch cause this type of issue?

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