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PAgP Silent Mode?

Hi all, I am just after a bit of information/confirmation on PAgP's silent mode.

From what I have read, you use it on switchports that are going to connect to a device that does not understand PAgP packets, e.g a server. By using the silent mode you are telling the switch that the connected device will not send PAgP packets so the port channel interface should stay up regardless of the absence of PAgP packets. Does this sound about right?

If it is then I have two questions :)

1. Say (for an example) you have 4 ports with PAgP silent mode enabled, what happens if two of those ports goes down? Seeing as though there is no PAgP communication how will the switch know not to send anything over those two links?

2. If port channeling can be enabled without the use of PAgP packets, then why is PAgP necessary in the first place?

Thanks in advance!

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