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Password required, but none set

Hi All,

By mistake, I have removed the passwords under line con 0 and line vty 0 4.

After I signed out I realized that I can't access (telnet). It's always giving me this message " Password required, but none set".

As I've also removed the password under line con 0, I'm wondering that if I can still access through the console cable?

If not, how can I recover the passwords, or how can I access the switch?

Please Help me out !

Thanks in advance


Password required, but none set

If you didn't save changes, you can reboot the switch to get it back to where it was before the change. By default, console access doesn't have a password configured as far as I know, so you should be able to get back in with the console.


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Password required, but none set

Thanks John.

The password for the console was already configured, and I removed it by the command: no password but I left the login command.

So, the current situation is:

line con0


line vty 0 4


Can I still get in with the console?

If not, what should I do?



Password required, but none set

As John stated - if you didn't save anything just shutdown switch and power it up again and everything is going to be as before changes. That would be the most simple thing to do...


HTH, Dragan
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Password required, but none set

Both alternatives should work, assuming that you did not do write mem or copy run start after making the config changes. There should be no problem with access through the console port. The default operation of the console is to allow access without a password. So you should have no problem with console access, and it might be less disruptive than a power cycle.



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Password required, but none set

If you can't log in anymore then you can use password recovery.

When you reboot the switch hold the "mode" button untill you see switch:

then enable flash.

Then type, or better copy and past

rename flash:config.text flash:config.alt

reload the switch and it will but up without config.

then go to enable mode and type:

rename flash:config.alt flash:config.text

erase startup, reload the switch, and you can set the configuration again. (if you have that offcource) otherwise i would not recomend this option.

Good luck

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Re: Password required, but none set


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If you have SNMP write access to the device, you can change/fix the config via that.  (It's easy if you have the right "tool".  We use SolarWinds's Cisco Config Viewer.)

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