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PAUSE outputs and overrun counters


I have in the counters of a gigabit switchport (vlan acces type) ;

- 7690 PAUSE output

- 23 frame

the others (except input - output normal paquets are 0)

In another gigabit switchport (vlan acces type) ;

- 451976 overrun

- 2 frame

the others (except input - output normal paquets are 0)

I'm having communications problems in this ports but I don't know if it's LAN or the aplication.

Can anyone help me?

What means PAUSE outputs counters?

What means overruns counters?

What means frame counters?

Thanks. Regards.


Re: PAUSE outputs and overrun counters

Both overrun input and pause output indicate you're oversubscribed at ingress for a particular port. Many of our LAN linecards for 4500 and 6500 have a blocking architecture, meaning 8 gigabit ports may share a single gigabit interface internally. When the traffic coming into the group of 8 ports exceeds the internal gig speed, we will become "overrun" and send pause frames out to get the connected hosts to slow down.

The frame error indicates a corrupted packet came in. These numbers are very low so I wouldn't worry about them.

Community Member

Re: PAUSE outputs and overrun counters


But the thing is that at night, we do a back-up from one port to another (from one server to another)

At the end of the back-up, we have errors (the back-up doesn't end well) and the counters (PAUSE output and overrun) increase in some packets (not much, 1000 ).

It could be related? but why?

How we can solve it? increasing the size of the buffer?

Thanks. Regards

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