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New Member

per-user static route

If reditribution is needed for dynamic U route learnt thru pppoa session(per-user static route), should it be redistribute static or redistribute connected ? Any cisco doc on this ?


Re: per-user static route

Hi there,

The per-user static route is injected from the AAA server via cisco-avpair to the router as a static route as illustrated in this doc accordingly you should redistibute static (and i've checked it out for you on a live router):


Mohammed Mahmoud.

Re: per-user static route

As salaam u alaikum Mahmoud,

I have just been recently following your networkers-online blog and I must admit you guys rock!!.. Everything you write is just so simple and easy to understand, hope cisco does follow your style while documenting their notes .

Just a quick question here,

What exactly is a per-user static route? Till now I have just got to know that this route is installed in routing table with the WAN IP address of the router as the next-hop and it gets installed from a AAA server.

In what scenarios do we actually get a route from AAA server? and if the connection to the AAA server goes down will the route still be there in the IP routing table.

Sorry if the questions are too dumb ...

Awaiting your reply.


Mohammed Muddasir Khan

New Member

per-user static route

hi ,

im too facing the same issue ,

i want to block the per-user static roue from being inserted in  my router ,

wt commands i need to put on my router ???


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