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PGM, Tibco and Cisco

I have a situation where my company is implementing Tibco, which runs a 'reliable' multicast protocol called Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM, RFC 3208). It is my understanding that this PGM multicast can exhibit some of the more problematic behavior that one used to see where mcast is flooded and not treated as mcast, but as broadcast.

I have read the Cisco documentation on PGM, but it has not really helped me to understand it any better. What I would like is for someone who has implemented PGM/Tibco before to let me know what they did and how it worked. There is very little out there on this stuff.

My configuration is very simple, 3 core routers and multiple distribution switches. The PGM/Tibco multicast traffic does not cross router boundaries (is layer 2 only). The Tibco hosts are all on a Server VLAN.

Anyone have any experience with Tibco and PGM on Cisco infrastructure?


Re: PGM, Tibco and Cisco

Re: PGM, Tibco and Cisco


I am also in the process of implementing tibo rvd and rvrd between our office ( we have catalyst 4507) and datacenter we have catalyst 6509). what i am trying to do is run rvd daemon in the same vlan as the client PC's and have one rvrd routing daemon at the office and one at the datacenter. have you implemented tibo successfully? please let me know.


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