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Ping Command on VSS

We have two 6509's configured with VSS.  Our server connections to the 6509's are port-channeled, one connection to each switch.  Is there a way to force a ping to go out a specific interface on either switch?  For example, Server1 is connected to interface g1/1/1 on switch 1 and g2/1/1 on switch 2.  These two interfaces are members of port channel 100.  I want to ping Server1, but through interface g2/1/1.  Is there a way to do that?


I don't know that you can

I don't know that you can force anything through a specific port, but you may be able to achieve your desired result using a slick load balancing approach.  Read on...


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Hi,  As you may know the



 As you may know the etherchannel will work with an algorithm, so based on the load balance method configured the traffic will pick one specific link of the channel. The hash algorithm cannot be configured or changed to load balance the traffic among the ports in an EtherChannel, that said you may changed the method and see if the ping goes out the desired interface but there is no way to force that.

 You can use the following command test etherchannel load-balance interface port-channel xx ip source ip dest to verify which link will the algorithm take to send out the frame.

 See the link below for detailed information about load balance on 6500


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