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Ping response

Guyz... eigrp is being pushed thru gre tunnel and the tunnel is using loopback as source.the far end of tunnel is linked via a provider cloud somewhere in between.This end of tunnel is using a private internal IP as source and far end is using global public ip. Public ip is advertised with eigrp network command but the local end of private ip is not included in the eigrp network end.

My question is if i dont include the local Lo0 source ip in eigrp network list, will i have issues pinging the tunnel interface ip's end to end.

Also, if keepalives are not set, will it cause any issues as far as ping response is considered.

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Re: Ping response

Hi ,

Can you please post the config ?

As I know as you are using Lo0 souce IP , this should be reachable from the other end and . The tunnel will work only if there is reachablity between source and destionation . I think we will be answer the exact thing if you post the config



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Re: Ping response

To the original poster: I find your description of the situation somewhat confusing and may not be able to address it directly. But I have several observations which may help to answer your questions:

- it is not necessary to advertise the tunnel end points in the routing protocol (like EIGRP) that is running through the tunnel. In fact advertising the tunnel end points through the routing protocol frequently causes problems with recursive routing which will impact the tunnel.

- if you are talking about the GRE tunnel keepalives there is no impact if they are not configured. Keepalives on GRE tunnels are a relatively recent feature and they are optional. If configured they will function to detect failures through the tunnel and if not configured the tunnel will work as best as it can.

- Haris makes a good point that the tunnel will work only if there is reachability between the routers. This means that each router should be able to ping the tunnel destination address without the tunnel being up.



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