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Ping Times to Default Gateway on same switch

I've noticed that when plugged into our L3 Core switch and pinging my VLAN SVi on there which is my DG, the response times vary from 5ms to 19ms, sometimes more.

Should I expect <1ms? I'm plugged directly into the switch and pinging my Default Gateway which is an SVI on the switch.

This seems to happen on a few of our Cores, mainly 3750 stack and 3850 stacks.

Is this normal behaviour or underlying issue?

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It depends.When you ping an

It depends.

When you ping an IP that is belongs to the switch then the ICMP is processed in software and not hardware so it is dependant on how busy the switch is in terms of of main CPU usage at that time.

If the CPU on the switch is not running particularly high then it is probably okay.

A better test is to ping between end devices connected to the switch because then the ICMP is hardware switched and check those response times. 

If you are not seeing any performance issues between end devices it''s not really a problem because in general end devices do not send pings to the actual switch itself.



Excellent info. Thanks for

Excellent info. Thanks for that.

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