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ping ,Vlan ,


I have a test setup as given below


VLAN A has an ip address in subnet of 192.168.X.X /24

I need to ping the VLAN B interface from VLAN A,which is an interface on the 3560 belonging to VLAN A.

For this i introduced a static route on 3560 as:

ip route 172.16.X.0 netmask vlan A.

When i ping the VLAN B interface 172.16.X.C(connected to 7606) from VLAN A on 3560,it goes through but when i ping interface 172.16.X.D (another machine on same VLAN B ) the ping fails.

Pings from 7606 to all host on VLAN B are successful.

On 7606 i have advertised both the VLAN A and VLAN B under area 0.

There are no ACL applied on the 7606 .

Could anyone explain why the pings to connected vlan interface is successful but the other hosts on same vlan cannot be pinged.

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ping ,Vlan ,

Did you introduce the command ip route 172.16.x.0 netmask (ip address of the vlan A interface on the 7606)

The same has to be done on the router on the VLAN B side, like ip route 192.168.x.x netmask (ip address of the VLAN B interface of the 7606).

If you can attach us a config sample.

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ping ,Vlan ,


does hosts from vlan B has a default gateway? (it must be same as vlan B interface on 7606)

ping ,Vlan ,

My first question is what is the default gateway for hosts on VLAN B? Where ever the default gateway is there will need to be a route back to the 7606.

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