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Pinging hosts in same subnet From Cisco WAE Box

We have run into a strange problem that we are trying to get answers on. We have a WAE box setup in one of our locations, and when we try to ping hosts in the same private subnet from the WAE box, certain IP's will ping but not others. All the hosts are on the same subnet as the WAE. We can traceroute from the WAE device without any problems, however just the basic ping will not echo reply. We have searched hi and low to come to a resolution of the problem, but we have not gotten very far. I wanted to see if anyone has experienced this same thing when trying to initiate a ping to private hosts on the same subnet from the WAE. If so, what was the cause, and how did you end up resolving the issue. I have a TAC case open on this as well, however they are unsure as well as to what may be going on.

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Re: Pinging hosts in same subnet From Cisco WAE Box

Can you tell us if the hosts that received the echo reply belong to a specific range vs the ones that do not ?

It could be the WAE have a different subnet mask than the hosts residing on that same subnet hence limiting its broadcast domain.

Also, check for any FW rules on the intermediate devices and the WAE itself.


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Re: Pinging hosts in same subnet From Cisco WAE Box


All the hosts are on the same subnet, with the same subnet mask. We have already verified that the FW rules are permitting all the subnets of the devices. One other word of note is that from the host that we cannot ping from the WAE, when we remote control to the box, and initiate a ping from the host back to the IP of the WAE box, it will reply. It seems to just be a problem when initiating the ping from the WAE box. Very strange stuff.

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